Built-in Teca collection features a customisable racks and glass shelves to allow you to display and store any sizes of wine bottles, from Bordeaux to Champagne and even Magum bottles. Prepare and decant your wines in this unique built-in wine display cabinet.


Comes with integrated wooden frames available in various finishes. Its low noise level and Active Carbon Filters makes it ideal for home and work spaces.


TE-BM14 can fit approximately 112-128 bottles of wines when it is fully utilised.


Please select your preferred colours / finishes when placing order.


*This unit is by indent basis and each Expo unit is produced specially upon your colour selection. Kindly note that a waiting time of 6 to 8 weeks min. is required for it to be manufactured and sent to your home.

Built-in TECA TE-BM14 with Customised Racks & Glass Shelves

Frame Colour
  • Double Layer Anti-UV Glass Door

    Front Sliding Glass Door

    Customised Integrated Wooden Frames

    Customised Display of Wine Racks and Glass Shelves

    Cool Natural White LED Internal Lights


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